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October 20, 2012
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Alisa Yeltsin by TheConcreteAngel Alisa Yeltsin by TheConcreteAngel
Name: Alisa Yeltsin
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Ghost(3/4 Ghost, 1/4 human)
Powers (if ghost or half-ghost): Night vision, orange ectoplasm, radiation(she might even radiate in her human form if she's really angry), flight, when sensing ghosts her body temperature spikes dramatically, intangibility, invisibility, overshadowing, orange transformation rings, super strength/speed, karate skills
Occupation/role: High School student
Era of death (if ghost/undead): Still party alive
Cause of death (if ghost/undead):Still partly alive
Orientation: Pansexual
Relationship status: Single
Likes: Any food with meat in it, birds, drawing, reading, star-gazing, flying(when in ghost form), Theatre/Acting
Dislikes: Fast food of any kind, A-listers, bugs, waking up early on weekends, bright sunlight, most candy(except for chocolate)
Personality: Quiet and doesn't speak unless spoken to, but she is also bitter and sarcastic most of the time. Her rough childhood also made her inexperienced of how having friends is like, so she can be socially-awkward. Beneath the surface, around people she's close to she's kind and generous, especially when it comes to her little sister.

Since the time her aggression levels had risen from her ghost part, she has learned to control her temper and has capped it successfully. Her temper does not go off as much as it used to, but whenever her temper does flare and she goes off, it would scare even the jocks at her school.

She usually doesn't like being told 'no' when she tries to make decisions or wants something, but she knows when she's wrong about something and is not afraid to admit it. Despite looking mean and bitter, she's loyal and honest. She is frank about the truth; she does not try to sugarcoat anything, whether it be with friends, family, or strangers, she knows it's better to be honest and hated than to lie and be loved for it.

The one thing she hates most is being condescended to by someone younger than her. Even when she's wrong, if a person even 1 year younger than her was treating her like they were her senior(age-wise), she will admit to being wrong but snap at them for trying to treat her like she was a child; it makes her feel immature and insecure, and the one thing she craves for in her life is security.

While she may not show it, she's insecure about her appearance, notably her figure and hair. If someone teased her about it, she would tell them off, but in only in private would she be depressed about it.

Alisa has selective hearing, a tendency that contributes to her in both good and bad ways: in a positive light, when she's focused on something, nothing will distract her, but if people were talking to her, she wouldn't hear them at all which ends up annoying people and they would have to yell at her to get her attention. Her selective hearing also contributes to how she wants things to go her way, so she will only hear what she wants to hear most of the time until it was in a critical situation. Sometimes if something was deeply troubling her outside of school, she may think about it too much and her selective hearing may cause her to pay attention to her surroundings(in class she wouldn't even be hearing a lecture or paying attention at all if this happened), one time this almost caused her to get hit by a car when she wasn't supposed to cross the street.

Alisa is not one to abandon friends or family, no matter what he situation is. Her loyalty and stubborn nature can be the death of her, but being quick-witted and strategical, so she always knows how to get out of a sticky situation.

Another thing that annoys people is when she cracks a joke and nobody is laughing at it except for her, which is a part of her socially-awkward nature.

Unlike Danny, she doesn't fight ghosts for Amity park due to her bad impression on people(because of her constant harassment for most of her life).

Bio: Growing up in San Diego was not easy for Alisa. For most of her school life, she was bullied by many kids verbally, but the older she got, the more it turned into physical abuse(usually by the guys), but she would always keep this to herself because it was never that serious to her. The cause of most of her bullying came from her always being overweight due to having a slow metabolism and the fact she was well-known for having two mothers. Extremely shy and quiet, she usually hid the fact she was getting abused so she wouldn't get even in more trouble(she also thought telling on the kids would get her in trouble) out of fear. During recesses in elementary school she would hide somewhere where no one could find her, and as the abuse dragged on, insecurity became natural to her, and even small praises from her seniors even made her humble and would deny them.

Even despite getting picked on everyday of her life(without anyone, not even her family, knowing), she was an excelling student with the highest grades in all of her classes--which probably encouraged her bullies to pick on her even more. Alisa was not one for sports or girly things at her age, nor for going outside either. However, she loved to paint, draw, and play video games. Also, because she lived near a Theatre, her family would sometimes go out and watch many play productions, and she soon got interested in acting and watching plays. This encouraged her to read more, and she soon would carry a book everyday in her backpack at school.

One of her mothers, Ruth Yeltsin, is a surgeon and her other mother, Keira Nelson, worked for a company that exclusively builds ghost-hunting equipment. Keira, however, only builds the equipment for the employers that worked out in the field for capturing ghosts to research them in their laboratories, as they hoped to devise their own ghost portal that is easily accessible; Keira, however, had no interest in hunting ghosts. Alisa's younger sister(1 year younger), Robin Yelstin, is more of what Alisa wished she could be: out-going, stead-fast, proud of herself in anyway. Despite Robin being more of the person everybody wanted to be around, Alisa has a very strong relationship with her and would do anything for her.

Her parents, even though they were unaware of her getting bullied, signed her up to take karate lessons around the age of 7 in case she ever did get into trouble(ironically enough because she's been getting picked on for years). However, even though she had learned all the basic self-defense techniques, she was too afraid to attempt to use them to defend herself when she was confronted by her abusers, so this did nothing to elevate her situation.

When Alisa was 14 years old, Keira decided to bring her and Robin to her ghost researching company(sort of a bring-your-child-to-work thing) to show their latest achievement in building their prototype ghost portal that they had been working on for years. Because the portal was a prototype, it was unstable and could be destroyed if anything tampers with its processing.This portal is build in the ground above a catwalk; the designing calls for someone being lowered down in a cage through the portal while it was open, similar to how divers are put in cages underwater to search for sharks, for safety reasons. Keira then departs from Alisa and Robin on the catwalk when she and her workers prepare to start up the portal for a test run to observe the portal in fascination.

However, a suspenseful event occurs when a large earthquake suddenly erupted in their area(Magnitude about a 7.5), and the whole research building started to tremble and the two sisters were left up on the catwalk. The workers were in the control room unable to get out while where the girls were. The catwalk's lines start to snap and they start to tip over ominously over the portal. Because Robin was lighter than Alisa, she was able to stable herself onto the catwalk, but Alisa wasn't so lucky; due to being overweight, the line she held onto snapped and she plunged into the ghost portal that was already malfunctioning due to the earthquake. The ghost portal, however, was not activated, therefore Alisa landed in the pit of the portal gruesomely.

She ended up half her ribcage broken with one rib bone piercing her lungs, and both her legs broken. As she lay dying from internal bleeding and Robin crying for help by seeing her sister dying, the unstable ghost portal was suddenly triggered by the earthquake and a nearly-dead Alisa is caught in the activation; thereby turning her into part ghost, unbeknownst to everyone, even to Alisa. Once the earthquake stopped, the workers along with Keira quickly rushed out of the control room and are quick to get Robin down from the catwalk. However, Robin begged them to save Alisa first. They are confused until Robin tells them she fell in the portal and they are mortified, and they rush to get Robin down, but are quicker to get Alisa out of the portal and to the hospital before she was dead.

As Alisa is rushed to a nearby hospital, Ruth soon heard about the accident from Keira and quickly dashed her way to the hospital as well. Upon entering, Ruth pleaded the other doctors to allow her to help save her daughter, being a professional surgeon, but seeing her emotional state of mind, they constrained her because it might not help her focus on the emergency surgery. Ruth lashed back until Keira finally catched up with her and held her back, along with Robin; only then does she surrender and they all prayed for Alisa's survival.

4 hours later, the doctors emerged for the ICU. When the family asks what happened, they say that Alisa had survived, they claim that there was no serious damage, but what they didn't know was that her wounds had been healed by her ghost powers before they had performed surgery on her, even though they operated on some of the internal damage.

Her brown hair once used to be silky and smooth, beautiful, but after the accident, unnatural orange streaks permanently formed in her hair and her hair became like a rat's nest. Her family was ultimately confused and curious as to why that happened, but Robin had her suspicions because she had seen the ghost portal activate on her sister when she was dying on that day of the accident. They all chose not to talk about it, worrying that it will bring up a bad emotional flashback for Alisa. In her ghost form, her hair still retained the beauty it had once held.

A month after the accident, a recovered 14 year old Alisa returns to high school to finish up her freshman year. However, during that time, she discovers she's part ghost after she turns invisible a few times while trying to outrun her bullies around her high school campus. She sees this as a perk, and upon discovering her other ghost powers by experimenting, she would now use her powers to turn invisible during lunch breaks at school to eat in peace from her bullies and fly whenever she could.

About 5 months after the accident, Alisa went through a change in nature, which was noticeable by everyone(including her family). Alisa became more aggressive, and would most of the time get annoyed by everyone around her. Her family, however, were shocked when a few days before the end of her freshman year she got expelled for starting a fight with the same bullies that have been picking on her for the longest time, sending them all to the hospital with minimal damage. They demanded to know why she was acting this way. Alisa at first didn't want to tell them, but taking the risk, she opens up and admitted to them she's part ghost since the day of the earthquake accident.

They are shocked at first, but they slowly and accept her with open arms for her ghost form, especially Keira. However, upon realizing her daughter was part ghost because of the portal he had helped build for years, she refused to go back to the company to work. The next time she went was only to request a job working at home to build the ghost weapons because of the research building being the place that brought 'great emotional distress' due to the fact her 'daughter had almost died there and her blood stains still remained no matter how many times it can be cleaned', so she claimed; the real reason is to get away from the research facility as far as she could to protect her now part-ghost daughter from getting discovered and captured for horrible research procedures. She is granted this opportunity to work at Amity Park near edge of town and no later do they buy a house and move, where Alisa now commutes via flying in ghost form to attend Casper High.

:bulletblue: Whenever she can, she loves to dirt-bike ride in the countryside. Despite growing up in a mostly urban area, she lived in the smaller parts near the Mojave desert allowing her the freedom to do so. One of her family's ideal bondings is dirt-bike riding whenever it's possible.
:bulletblue: Alisa has two mothers
:bulletblue: Alisa owns a ball python named Ivan

Alisa Yeltsin Me
Danny Phantom Butch Hartman
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POPUTNIK Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Not to say that I am delighted by Alice, but the character is good enough.
In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting fan characters I've seen on DP, even in spite of my dislike for half ghost - painfully much their lately.
She heve not a bad design, I like it) quite realestic looks - and then i looking at many OCs i perplexing of their costumes - is not it possible they are in life so dress? oo
(Remember how appeared Danny's suit ).
But I have a question about her name - Alice Yeltsin - who is she ethnically? Russian, Ukrainian, or what?
And yes. may I ask you? Can I draw she?
TheConcreteAngel Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm really glad you see my character interesting somewhat :D Thank you for the critique! And yes, other half-ghost OC costumes I have seen are very generic, if that's what you're talking about.

Alisa is ethnically German with some Irish/Russian blood.

And yes, you may draw her if you wish :D
D2021 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student General Artist
this is awesome. i like the orange streaks in her hair :)
TheConcreteAngel Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! ^^
D2021 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Student General Artist
your welcome!! :D
MellenAgen Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I have seen some pictures of your OC around.
and she looks very interesting and quite unique.
I love how she looks and her detail :clap:
TheConcreteAngel Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^ I actually tried to make her stand out when creating her, so I'm glad to hear this :)
MellenAgen Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
No problem c:
BBG4ya Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
lol I just transitioned myself. Decided to come back to the fandom when I improved in drawing. (that was 6 years ago lol) I love the character design here, Nice use of orange. Despite it's a bright color, it doesn't pop out so much. And I like the fact that she's more dead than alive. You don't see that too much around her. :nod:
TheConcreteAngel Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Transitioners(lolisthatevenaword), unite! -brofist-

And thanks :D
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